Information for visitors travelling without a visa

Since 1 October 2019, if you are from a visa waiver country you need to hold an NZeTA before you travel to New Zealand.


If you are a genuine visitor, travelling visa waiver allows you to travel to New Zealand without applying for, and being granted, a visa before you travel. You can instead be granted a visitor visa on arrival, when you request entry permission by presenting your arrival card and passport at airport Immigration.

You cannot travel visa waiver if your intention is to study, work, or live in New Zealand.

If you are able to travel to New Zealand visa waiver there are still requirements that you must meet to be granted entry permission.

To meet the requirements, you must show:

  • A valid passport or travel document; and
  • A return ticket to a country you are allowed to enter (a one way ticket will not be acceptable); and
  • Sufficient funds to support your stay in New Zealand (at least NZ$1000 per month for maintenance and accommodation, or NZ$400 per month if the accommodation has been prepaid; and a
  • Completed arrival card (obtained from your travel agent or at the airport), declaring good character and acceptable standard of health.

If you cannot meet any or all of the above requirements, you should apply for a visitor visa before you travel, as you may not be allowed to enter with a visa waiver (even if you are holding an NZeTA).

Visa Waiver Visitor Visa

Apply for a Visitor Visa

Evidence of sufficient funds

Sufficient funds can be shown in the form of:

  • cash
  • travellers' cheques/ travel money cards - including a recent statement
  • bank drafts
  • recognised credit cards with sufficient credit available – we recommend that visitors have an up-to-date credit card statement.

Is your child endorsed into your passport?

If the passport issuing authorities of your country has endorsed your dependant child/ren into your passport, we will accept your endorsed (valid) passport as their travel document.

Your dependent child/ren will still have to meet the other three requirements listed above (return tickets, sufficient funds and a completed arrival card).

How long can I stay for if I enter without a visa?

If you are visiting New Zealand visa waiver, you will usually be granted a visitor visa valid for 3 months on arrival (or up to six months, if you are citizen of the United Kingdom).

Any visitor visa granted to you on arrival will not normally allow you to spend more than six months in New Zealand in any 12-month period.

To work this out, we:

  • look at what date your visit will end
  • count back 12 months from that date
  • make sure that in that 12-month period, you will not be spending more than six months in New Zealand.

If you decide you wish to stay longer while you are in New Zealand, you should contact us about your options.

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