Request or change your personal information

Request to see or change the information we hold about you, or make a change to the personal details on your application.

Request your information

Complete the appropriate form to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you, which includes arrival and departure records. You can also ask for someone else’s information if they have given you permission to do so.

Make sure you include as much information as possible about what you need.

Requests can take up to 20 working days to process.

Use this form to ask for the information we hold on you.

Request my information

Request someone else’s information

If someone has given you permission to request their personal information from us, you can use this form to ask for it.

Request personal information for someone else

Request a change to NZeTA information

Use this form to update passport details, name changes, email addresses, and correct small errors on an NZeTA.


If you are changing your name or passport number you need to request the changes 5 days before you travel. If you want to change your nationality on your passport you will need to submit a new NZeTA request.

How to request a change to your NZeTA

How to change your details on an application

If you applied online, log into the account you created when you applied and update your details online. Use the login link at the top of any page on this site and then select the type of visa you applied for.

If you applied in the enhanced Immigration Online system after 31 January 2022, you can log into your dashboard to add or update information related to your application after you have submitted it.

  • From the Correspondence section in the Application summary page, select 'Add or update information' and choose a reason for the update from a dropdown list.
  • If you want to update primary contact details, select 'Edit primary contact' at the top of the Application summary page.

If you update details after your application has been submitted, it may increase the time taken to process your application.

Changes to an expression of interest (EOI)

If your expression of interest (EOI) has not yet been selected from the pool, you can make changes to it by logging back into your account. Open your EOI and select the edit function.

Remember to resubmit your EOI into the pool after you make changes. If you do not do this, the EOI will be open for editing and will not be eligible for selection.

If your EOI has already been selected, contact us to update your information.

Contact us

If you are unable to update your details online or need more support, our call centre can make changes to your personal details.

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