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Find out how to contact us.

Before calling us

Missing verification email

If you have requested an Immigration Online verification email and have not received one, you should check your junk folder or contact your email service provider. 

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Find out where to lodge an application, send a passport, how long it will take to receive an answer and how much it is going to cost.

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Some Visa Application Centres (VACs) outside of New Zealand are temporarily closed.

Offices outside of New Zealand

Status of your visa application and visa processing times

If you are contacting us about your visa application that hasn’t been processed yet, find out how long it takes to process a visa application:

How long it takes to process a visa application

If the Immigration Officer who is processing your visa application needs any more information from you, they will contact you. You do not need to contact us. However, if you applied online, you can check the status of your application:

Checking your application status

Search the website

Search our website

Apply for a refund

Refunds are only given in special circumstances.

How to request a refund

If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires

You are not allowed to stay after your visa expires. Find out how to avoid being unlawfully in New Zealand and what you can do if you are, including how to make a request for a special temporary or resident visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act.

If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires

Where to submit additional documents for your application

Find out how to provide further documents for an application that is currently in process.

Submitting additional documents

How to upload documents online

Immigration New Zealand phone numbers

You can call us from 06:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday (NZT) excluding New Zealand public holidays.

Calling about your visa application

We will need either your INZ client, application or passport number if your call is about a visa application.

Save time with Voice ID

When you call, sign up for our voice identification (Voice ID) service using your INZ client number. The service saves time when you call again and protects your privacy.


We are experiencing a high volume of calls. This is resulting in longer than usual wait times.

Where Number
Contact Centre (Toll-free from NZ landlines only): 0508 558 855
Auckland: +64 9 914 4100
Wellington: +64 4 910 9915
Rest of the world: +64 9 914 4100

English is not your first language

If you call us and English is not your first language, say the name of the language you speak and we will connect you to an interpreter. Do not hang up while you are being connected.

Hearing or speech impaired

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us using New Zealand’s Relay Services. Find out more about the services that are available on their website.

New Zealand Relay website

How to make a complaint

We have different processes for making a complaint or providing other feedback, depending on what it is about.

Our complaints processes

Other contact details

Report an offence

Fraud and exploitation

You can report any immigration offence to us or go to Crimestoppers. For example, worker exploitation, overstaying or someone working illegally.

Report an offence

Official Information Act

You are able to make a request for Official Information through the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment website.

Before making an Official Information Act request check if the information you need is already publicly available.

Make a request for official information

Media query

Immigration New Zealand media queries should be sent to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) media line.

Making a media query

Contact other New Zealand government agencies

For information on all New Zealand Government organisations and departments, you may visit New Zealand Government Online. This site provides links and information for all government, local government, crown agencies, health and education institutions.

List of New Zealand government agencies

Find immigration advice

If you need personalised immigration advice, you must use a licensed Immigration Adviser or a person exempt from licensing.

Find out how and where to get immigration advice