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Skilled Migrant Category - Removal of Section 49(1) conditions

If your resident visa was granted under the Skilled Migrant Category with section 49(1) conditions imposed on this visa, you will need to meet the requirements stated when your resident visa was approved, before you can apply to have these conditions removed.  

To remove Section 49(1) conditions, you will need to provide the following

  • A cover letter requesting the removal of section 49(1) conditions. This letter must also include all your contact details. 
  • Valid passports for all applicants included on the resident application
  • A letter from the principal applicant's employer, printed on letterhead paper.
    • This letter should confirm your position and that you have been in full-time employment for the period required by your Section 49 (1) conditions.  The letterhead must contain the contact details of the company, and be dated and signed by a person authorised to confirm the status of your employment.
  • Copies of two recent payslips and a recent bank statement confirming your employment, or an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) summary of earnings (which can be obtained directly from the IRD). 

There is no fee charged for S49 (1) removal.

If further information is required, your Immigration Officer will contact you directly.