What can be used as evidence of residence status?

The most reliable evidence of your residence status is an endorsement in your passport.

Every resident is issued with the following:

  • (prior to 29 Nov 2010) a residence permit and a returning residents' visa (RRV); or
  • (after 29 Nov 2010) a resident visa (RV), which may be subject to conditions, or a permanent resident visa (PRV), which has no conditions. 

These can be in the form of a stamp issued by Customs, a label issued by Immigration New Zealand, or as an eVisa.

About eVisas

If for any reason these documents are not available to you, or you were granted a resident visa a long time ago, your alternative option is to request an official letter from Immigration New Zealand confirming your current status in New Zealand.

You have the option of submitting a Privacy Act request to request a letter with a statement of your immigration status (if this information exists on your file).

Request or change your personal information

If this information is not recorded on your file, you will need to apply for a confirmation of visa and pay the appropriate fee.  

Confirmation of visa (INZ 1023)

Fees, decision times and where to apply