I am a Tour Guide coming to New Zealand with a Tour Group

If you are a tour guide or leader and you will be working while you are in New Zealand, you will need to apply for a Specific Purpose Work Visa before you arrive. 

Specific Purpose Work Visa

Working is any activity resulting in gain or reward, including any form of payment or benefit that can be valued in terms of money, such as board and lodging, goods (e.g., food or clothes) and services (e.g., transport).

If you are granted such a Specific Purpose Work Visa, it will generally be endorsed with multiple journey conditions. This will allow you to travel to New Zealand multiple times for the duration of your visa with one month stay each visit.

The following durations will generally apply:

  • If your employment is ongoing - 3 years multiple journey visa with one month stay per visit (or as appropriate).
  • If the employment is for a limited time – duration that is appropriate to the length of employment with one month stay per visit (or as appropriate). 

If you are a tour guide who is a Chinese national, you may be able to apply under the China Special Work Category. You can apply from within New Zealand if you hold a valid work or student visa.

China Special Work Visa

If you are coming to New Zealand as a Tour Escort which is different to a Tour Guide, you are able to apply for a Tour Escort Visitor Visa.

Tour Escort Visitor Visa