Travelling to New Zealand on business

Check if you need a Business Visitor Visa

Visitors coming to New Zealand for less than 3 months may be granted a Business Visitor Visa for any of the following reasons:

  • to carry out an official trade mission recognised by the New Zealand government
  • to sell goods and services in New Zealand
  • to buy New Zealand goods and services
  • to negotiate or discuss the set-up, expansion or wind-up of a business in New Zealand
  • to carry out any business with the authorised representatives of an overseas company, body or person

Check if you apply for a Business Visitor Visa before you travel to New Zealand

You do not need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa before you travel if:

  1. You have not already exceeded the maximum stay as a business visitor of 3 months in a calendar year (looking at the 12 months immediately before your planned travel to New Zealand), and
  2. You are a citizen of one of the countries listed on our visa waiver list.

You will still need to meet the requirements for visitors from visa waiver countries, including holding an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

If you do not meet the above visa waiver conditions to enter visa-free, you will need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa before you travel.

Visa Waiver Visitor Visa


Business Visitor Visa

If your proposed trip means you will exceed the 3-month stay allowed on a Business Visitor Visa, you can consider the Specific Purpose Work Visa instead.

Specific Purpose Work Visa

APEC Business Card

If you are a national of an APEC country, travelling on business, you may be able to access streamlined travel processes.

APEC Business Travel Card to visit New Zealand

Attending a conference in New Zealand

Conference organisers may be able to advise delegates on the application process and any required supporting information.

When applying online for your visitor visa you must select the correct purpose of your visit on the online form to ensure you apply for the appropriate visa.

If you are:

  • attending a conference in New Zealand, select the purpose 'To attend a conference or convention'
  • organising or presenting at a conference in New Zealand, select the purpose 'As a participant in a conference or convention'.

You should include the conference invitation to support your application, or carry it with you if you are eligible for visa waiver travel.

To see whether you are eligible to travel to New Zealand under the visa waiver programme, check the factsheet:

Visa waiver factsheet

If you are eligible for visa waiver travel, you will also need an NZeTA to travel to New Zealand.


You must apply for a visa before you travel if you are not eligible under the visa waiver programme to travel to New Zealand. Check the visa factsheet for information on the Business Visitor Visa application process and requirements:

Business Visitor Visa factsheet