If your situation or plans have changed, you want to stay longer or change jobs. Find out how your work visa is affected.

Can I study part-time while working? How long can I travel or be away overseas? My job has ended unexpectedly. What happens now? Can I take up self-employment? I have a work visa but my job details are changing I have a work visa under Work to Residence - Accredited Employer My employer wants me to attend a course I’ve separated from my partner who supported my work visa My occupation has been removed from the LTSSL. Can I still apply for a residence from work visa? I am applying for residency but my work visa will expire soon I’ve lost my job. Can my partner be the principal applicant instead? I’m on a resident visa under Skilled Migrant Category. I’ve lost my job and haven't been employed for 3 months. My professional registration in New Zealand has been declined/revoked On a working holiday, can I stay with my employer for longer than 3 months? Can I do unpaid work while working in New Zealand? Can I buy a business while I am working here? Can I get a refund for my application fee? I’ve lost my passport. What should I do when I get a new passport? My employer has been added to the list of non-compliant employers. Can I continue to work for them?