Plans do change and you may have some questions about your visitor visa and if you can do certain things on that visa while you are in New Zealand. Here we have tried to answer more of the common situations.

While in New Zealand on a visitor visa, can I look for a job? I’m visiting New Zealand and I’ve had an accident. Can I get medical treatment? Can I change the travel conditions on my visa from single entry to multiple? Can I undertake a short course of study while visiting NZ? Can I apply as a parent or grandparent for a visa? Can I apply for any other visa while on a visitor visa in New Zealand? I’m on a guardian visitor visa. Can I work part-time? I’m on a guardian visitor visa and need to travel home for an emergency I have a 3-month visitor visa. Can I enter New Zealand without a return air ticket? How long can I travel or be away overseas? Can I do unpaid work while visiting New Zealand? Can I get a refund of my application fee?