Maybe your course has changed, or you've failed some papers. Perhaps you've finished your studies, and want to stay for the graduation ceremony - or for longer because you've had a job offer. What options are there for working while you're studying? Has there been a change in sponsor or funding? Have a look in this section for options related to your Study visa.

Can I change my course and education provider? Can I change my sponsor? Can I do unpaid work while studying in New Zealand? Can I extend my visa if I failed one of my papers? Can I stay in New Zealand after my studies? I’m a PhD student. Can I stop studying to work full-time? Can I undertake 2 courses at the same time if one course is by correspondence? Can I work full-time and study part-time? Can I work while studying? How long can I travel or be away overseas? I am unable to leave New Zealand before my visa expires. What can I do? Staying for a graduation ceremony after your studies My scholarship funding has stopped. Can I apply for a further student visa? Can I get a refund of my application fee?