Can I change my course and education provider?

There's a couple of options for changing your course or education provider. Check here for more information.

Option A: Apply for a new student visa

If your current course expires soon, apply for a new student visa. You must provide evidence that you meet criteria for the new visa.

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Option B: Apply for a variation of conditions

If you currently hold a pathway student visa and wish to change your education provider, you will need to apply for a new student visa.

If you want to change your programme of study and/or education provider get a variation of conditions first.

The new course must be at the same, or higher level, and provided by a University or category 1 or 2 education provider.

Don’t end your course before we authorise it or you will break the conditions of your visa and you may have to leave New Zealand.

Applying for a variation of conditions to your visa will not change its expiry date.

Varying the conditions of a student visa