I am applying for residency but my work visa will expire soon

While we consider your residence application, you can either apply for a temporary visa to remain in New Zealand or leave the country and wait for the decision overseas.

Processing your residence application can take several months. You should apply for residence early enough so your work visa does not expire before the residence application is decided.

Waiting for a visa

Before your visa expires

Applying for residence does not give you the right to remain in New Zealand while we consider your application. If your work visa is going to expire before your residence application is decided, you can:

  • apply for a further temporary visa to remain in New Zealand
  • leave New Zealand and wait for your resident visa decision overseas — advise your immigration officer of your contact details in this case.

If your visa expires

If you stay in New Zealand after your temporary visa expires, you may be breaking the law. The longer you stay after your visa expires, the greater the risk you run of being deported.

If you are liable for deportation, then we will suspend the processing of your residence application under section 169(3) of the Immigration Act 2009.

Section 169(3)

If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires