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Who can apply for a visa using Immigration Online?

You can now apply online for group visitor visas, such as visitor visas for tour groups, or for groups of visiting officials. You can also now apply for a visitor visa as the guardian of a student.

Families visiting New Zealand can now apply for visitor visas together on one application. Previously each member of a family had to apply online individually, or to submit a paper application.

You can also now submit multiple applications together as group. When submitting a group of applications together you make one payment for the entire group, and we will receive and process the applications together.

Including family

Group applications

People applying for any of the following visa categories can use the Immigration ONLINE service to apply for their visa.

Work visa types:

  • Essential Skills work visa
  • Work visa - Approval in Principle
  • Post-Study work visa
  • Student and Trainee work visa
  • Work to Residence work visa, including:
    • Long Term Skill Shortage List
    • Talent (Accredited Employers)
    • Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports)
  • Religious Worker work visa
  • Specific Purpose or Event work visa
  • Entertainers work visa
  • Silver Fern Practical Experience work visa
  • Global Impact work visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander work visa
  • Partner of a Worker work visa
  • Partner of Military Work Visa
  • Partner of a Student work visa

Visitor visa types:

  • General visitor visa
  • COVID-19 Short-Term visitor visa
  • Group visitor visa
  • Business visitor visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander visitor visa
  • Partner of a Worker visitor visa
  • Partner of a Student visitor visa
  • Partner of Military visitor visa
  • Child of a Worker visitor visa
  • Child of a Student visitor visa
  • Child of Military visitor visa
  • Child of a New Zealander visitor visa
  • Adoption Pre-citizenship visitor visa
  • Adoption visitor visa
  • Culturally Arranged Marriage visitor visa
  • Medical Treatment visitor visa
  • Escort of Medical Patients visitor visa
  • Occupational Registration visitor visa
  • Visiting Media visitor visa
  • Pitcairn Islander visitor visa
  • Crew joining a Ship or Plane visitor visa
  • Private Yacht or Plane visitor visa
  • Super Yachts visitor visa
  • Sports Events visitor visa
  • Refugee Claimant visitor visa
  • German Law Student visitor visa
  • Guardian of a Student visitor visa
  • Parent and Grandparent visitor visa
  • Dismissed Worker visitor visa
  • Academic visitor visa
  • Trafficking Victim visitor visa
  • Arts and Music Festival visitor visa
  • Short-term Entertainment Act visitor visa
  • Tour Escort visitor visa

Student visa types:

  • Fee Paying student visa
    • Except for Vocational Trainee category 
  • Dependent Child student visa
    • Except for children of New Zealanders

Resident visa types:

  • Partner of a New Zealander resident visa
  • Dependent Child resident visa

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to submit an application?

The online form has been designed for use on a computer, rather than a phone or tablet. You may find you are unable to submit an online application via a cellphone or tablet due to the application requirements.

You will need to have your documents ready in PDF format. If you don’t have this already you will need access to a scanner or another method of converting your documents into a PDF.