Applying on behalf of someone else

Immigration advisers, employers, and education agents and providers can use Immigration Online to apply for visas on behalf of applicants.

Immigration advisers and education agents

Immigration advisers and education agents can submit applications through the Immigration Online system on behalf of their customers.

Employers and education providers

If you are an employer or education provider who is not licensed or exempt from licensing, you may help applicants to fill out the application form if it is part of your job to do so.

You can submit the completed form online but you are not allowed to provide immigration advice. For more information on this, see the Immigration Advisers Authority website.

Immigration Advisers Authority

Immigration Online

To apply on behalf of someone, you should create an Immigration Online account. You must create your own New Zealand Government ‘RealMe’ login to use this service.

How to create a RealMe account

RealMe login

Your account will show a list of applications you are submitting to Immigration Online on behalf of your clients.