Including family in your online application

Visitor visa applications can include partners and dependent children. Residence applications can include dependent children for partners of New Zealanders.

How to include your partner or dependent children in visitor or residence applications

To include your partner or dependent children in your application, answer “Yes” to the question “Are there any additional applicants included in this application” on the ‘Additional Applicants Details’ screen.

Then provide:

  • their personal details
  • information about their health and character
  • an acceptable photo of their head and shoulders
  • a copy of the bio-page of their passport
  • any other supporting documents depending on your answers to the questions in the application.

How we define family

Acceptable visa photos

File formats for uploading online documents and photographs

Payments for different visitor visas

You do not have to pay additional fees for your partner and dependent children if you apply for any visitor visa that is not a group visitor visa — for example, a ‘general’ visitor visa.

If you apply for a group visitor visa, you will pay a fee for each family member you include in your application.

On a group visitor visa you have to pay for each applicant. But on other visitor visas you pay for the visa application only, regardless of how many family members are included on it.

Group Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Children who are not dependent

If your children are not dependent (for example, they are in an adult relationship or support themselves financially) they must apply for their own visas to visit New Zealand. They can create their own online account and apply for their own visas, or you can apply online for a visa on their behalf.

To apply for a visa on their behalf, create a new visa application for them and enter their answers to the questions on the form. Show you are completing the form on behalf of someone else on the ‘Apply on Behalf / Assist’ screen.

Your non-dependent children will need to sign a declaration form allowing you to apply on their behalf.

You must upload that declaration to their visa application.

Visitor Visa Declaration Form PDF 405KB