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Who can be self-employed in New Zealand?

The following people can be self-employed in New Zealand:

  • Anyone who has a right to live permanently in New Zealand, unless your visa has restrictions (this would generally include New Zealand citizens and residence class visa holders)
  • Holders of Entrepreneur work visas
  • Holders of work visas with open work conditions
  • Holders of Working Holiday visas (for the duration allowed by your country's scheme)
    • Please note that the primary intention for Working Holiday visa applicants should be to holiday in New Zealand. If your primary intention is to run a business, this may not be the correct visa category for your situation
  • Holders of Post-study work visas with open work conditions
  • Holders of Asylum Seeker/Refugee work visas with open work conditions

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Holders of student visas and visitor visas are unable to be self-employed in New Zealand.