Online application fees

You need Visa™, MasterCard™ or UnionPay™ for your application fee.

Paying the application fee

You will be charged an application fee and immigration levy, which must be paid before you can submit your application. This fee can only be paid using Visa™, MasterCard™ or UnionPay™.

The fee and levy cover the cost of processing your application and will not be refunded if your application is unsuccessful.

If you are applying from outside New Zealand you may also need to pay a fee for the Visa Application Centre to process your passport. Use our 'Fees, decision times and where to apply' tool to find out if you need to pay a passport processing fee.

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Payments are secure. The payment gateway used is PCI compliant. The intermediary between the payment gateway and the bank system use 3DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard) and EMV, the predominant global standard used by card schemes (such as Visa™, MasterCard™ or UnionPay™).