Temporary visa conditions

Find out some of the common conditions that apply to temporary visas.

Common temporary visa conditions

You must meet all your visa conditions. Temporary visas can include a visitor visas, student visas and work visas. Some common temporary visa conditions include the following.

Visa expiry date

The last day you can stay in New Zealand on your visa.

Return/onward travel not required

Unless your visa states 'Return/onward travel not required', you must have:

  • a ticket to leave New Zealand when you travel
  • enough money to buy a plane ticket out of New Zealand, or
  • an acceptable sponsor who can pay for your ticket out of New Zealand to a country you can enter.

Expiry date travel

The last day you can enter New Zealand.

Number of entries

If your visa states you have 'Multiple entries', you may re-enter New Zealand as many times as you want before your 'Expiry date travel'.

Work visa

If your visa allows you to work in New Zealand, you must only work under the conditions specified in your visa.

Conditions can include, but are not limited to:

  • who you can work for
  • the occupation or job you can work in
  • the location of your job.

You must hold a valid visa at all times while in New Zealand

You must hold a valid visa at all times in New Zealand. If your visa expires and you are still in New Zealand, you will be here unlawfully and face deportation.

If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires

If you want to stay longer

If you are in New Zealand and want to stay past the date your visa expires, you cannot extend your visa — instead, you must apply for another visa or a temporary visa before your current one expires.

To apply for a temporary visa, you must:

  • be in New Zealand
  • hold a current visa that is not a limited, interim or transit visa.

You should apply for another visa at least 1 month before your current visa’s expiry date.

How long it takes to process a visa application