Check the conditions of your visa

Where to find your visa conditions in your passport and online, and definitions of some conditions.

Where to find your visa conditions

Your conditions are recorded in your eVisa or on the visa label in your passport.

Your conditions are also in the letter we send you when your visa is decided.

Check online

To check your visa conditions online, register and log into our Visa Verification Service and enter the following details:

  • family name
  • nationality in your passport
  • current passport number
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • visa start date.

Register or log into the Visa Verification Service

To access the Visa Verification Service, you need a RealMe account. If you have created a RealMe account somewhere else, you can use it here too.

Log into the Visa Verification Service

Create a RealMe account

How to create a RealMe account

Authorise a third party to check your visa details

You can authorise a third party, such as a bank or travel agent, to check your visa details in the Visa Verification Service.

Using Visa Verification Service