Check your visa conditions

You can check the visa conditions that you need to comply with during the duration of your visa online or inside your passport.

Check inside your passport

The visa label inside your passport has the details of your visa.

Condition in your visa label What it means
Visa Name The name of the visa you hold.
Visa Expiry The last day you can stay in New Zealand.
Expiry Date Travel The last day you can enter New Zealand.
Number of Entries If your visa states you have Multiple entries, you may re-enter New Zealand as many times as you want before your EXPIRY DATE TRAVEL.
Visa Conditions You must abide by these conditions. You must have a ticket to leave New Zealand when you travel, unless your visa states Return/onward travel not required. If your visa allows you to work in New Zealand, you must only work under the conditions specified.


Check online

To check your visa conditions online you need to register and log in to our Visa Verification Service and enter your personal and visa details listed below:

  • family name
  • passport nationality
  • current passport number
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • visa start date.

Log in to Visa Verification Service

To access Visa Verification Service, you need a RealMe account. If you have created a RealMe account somewhere else, you can use it here too.

Login to Visa Verification Service

Create a RealMe account

How to create a RealMe account

Authorise a third party to check your visa details

You can authorise a third party such as a bank or travel agent to check your visa details.

More about authorising a third party

You must hold a valid visa at all times while in New Zealand

If your visa expires and you have not departed, you will be in New Zealand unlawfully and will be liable for deportation.

If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires

If your plans change and you need to stay longer

We encourage visa holders in New Zealand seeking further temporary visas to apply at least one month in advance of their expiry date. You can now apply for certain categories of visitor, work and student visas online.