Can I get a refund of my application fee?

Visit, study, critical purpose and work visas

You can only get a refund in special circumstances. Each request is considered on a case by case basis.

If your visa application has already been completed

You cannot get a refund if your application has been completed, even if it was declined. This is because the fee you pay covers the costs of assessing your application.

If your visa application has not been completed

You can apply for a refund if your visa application has not been completed, but refunds are only given in special circumstances. You cannot get a refund if you change your mind about your application. 

Situations where fee refunds apply can include:

  • you paid the fee but you did not need to
  • you paid the wrong fee
  • you paid the fee but your application did not meet our lodgement criteria.

Apply for a refund

To apply for a refund:

  1. Complete the refund request form and gather together your supporting information.
    Customer Refund Request Form PDF 499KB
  2. Send us your refund request and supporting information.

Sending your request if you are in New Zealand

If you are in New Zealand, your refund request can either be:

Sending your request from outside New Zealand

If you are applying from outside New Zealand, contact your nearest visa application centre (VAC). Ask them if they will email your refund request to us on your behalf.
Visa application centres outside New Zealand

If the VAC will not email your request, you can send it using our courier address. This may mean it takes longer to process your request.