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Can I take a short course while in New Zealand?

If you are in New Zealand on a temporary visa (such as a visitor or work visa), you may undertake one or more course of study which lasts no more than three calendar months (or six months if you hold a Working Holiday visa) in total. The course itself must be no longer than three (or six) months. You cannot choose to complete just three months of a year-long course, for example.

You will not be required to change the conditions of your visa to undertake this course.

If you wish to attend a course lasting longer than three months, or consecutive courses that last for longer than 3 months in total, you will need to obtain a variation of conditions to your existing visa, or a student visa.

I have a work visa and want to study

You can undertake study as required by your employer as part of your employment without varying the conditions of your work visa.

To do other studies for more than three months, you will need to apply for a variation of conditions.

Variation of conditions

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