How long it takes to process a visa application

We process applications as soon as we can. Processing times depend on whether all the documents needed have been provided and the type of visa you apply for.

Processing times

Most visa applications are processed within the times given below, but they can take longer in some situations. Applications may take longer to process if we need to check information or request more information from the applicant.

Times exclude weekends and public holidays.

Temporary visa applications

Visa type Online application processing time* Paper application processing time*
Visitor visas 20 days 25 days
Student visas 20 days 25 days
Work visas 23 days 25 days


Resident visa applications

Visa type Processing time*
Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa 6 months
Partnership Resident Visa 4 months
Dependent Child Resident Visa 3 months
Parent Resident Visa 7 months
Investor Plus (1)
Investor 2

90 days
8 months

Residence from Work visas :

  • Talent (Accredited Employer) Resident Visa
  • Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Resident Visa
  • Long Term Skills Shortage List Resident Visa
3 months
Other 6 months


*This is the current time required to process an application.