Including family in your online application

You can include your partner and children in your online application for a visitor visa if they will be visiting New Zealand with you. You can also include your dependent children in your online application for residence if you are applying as the partner of a New Zealander.

To include your partner or dependent children in your application answer “Yes” to the question “Are there any additional applicants included in this application” on the ‘Additional Applicants Details’ screen.

Dependent children

You must then provide their personal information as well as information about their health and character. You will also need to upload a photo of their head and shoulders, a copy of the bio-page of their passport, as well as other supporting documents (depending on your answers to questions in the application).

Acceptable visa photos

Uploading documents and photographs

If you apply for any visitor visa that is not a ‘group visitor visa’ (a ‘general’ visitor visa for example) you can include your partner and any dependent children in your application without paying any additional fees for them. If you apply for a group visitor visa, each family member you include in your application will incur a separate fee. Applications for a group visitor visa are charged per applicant, but other visitor visas are charged per application, regardless of how many family are included.

Group Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Children who are not dependent

If your children are not dependent (for example, they are in a relationship or financially self-reliant) then they must apply for their own visas if they wish to travel to New Zealand. In this situation, they may create their own online account and make their own application, or you can apply online for a visa on their behalf.

To apply for a visa on their behalf, create a new visa application for them, record their answers to the questions on the application form, then indicate on the ‘Apply on Behalf / Assist’ screen, that you are completing the form on behalf of someone else. Your non-dependent children will need to sign a declaration form allowing you to make this application on their behalf which you must upload to their application.

Visitor Visa Declaration Form PDF 243KB