Why some applications are processed faster than others

This page explains why some applications take more time to be processed than others and what can cause delays. There can be a few reasons why some applications are processed faster than others.

Your application is not complete

Check what you need to supply to make a complete and correct application. Many applications are missing key documents and we need to ask for these. 

Preparing a visa application

We are waiting on more information from you

Check any letters we have sent you to see what information we have requested. For some visas, you can check your application status online. Use the login link at the top of any page on this site and then select the type of visa you applied for. 

These application statuses will only change when we have received and reviewed the information you have sent. If you have provided what we have asked, you do not need to do anything further.

Checking your visa application status

We are waiting on information from others

We may ask other organisations for information like international qualification verification or international police certificates. It takes time for other organisations to provide the documents we ask for. We cannot control how long those organisations take to provide the documents.

We are experiencing higher-than-usual application volumes

In periods of high demand it will take longer to process applications.

Your application is complex

Some applications require further checks or verification than others.

We are waiting for someone in your group

If you have applied for a Group Visitor Visa, we may be waiting for someone in your group. We can only grant a Group Visitor Visa application when everyone included on the application is processed.

You have provided information we have not requested

Providing information before we ask for it can slow processing down. Please only provide documents, such as medical information, if we request it.