Your employer's commitments to hire you on an AEWV

If your employer is hiring you on an Accredited Employer Work Visa they must meet NZ employment law and other commitments, including giving you specific settlement support.

Meet New Zealand law

Migrant workers have the same rights as New Zealand workers and your employer must comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards.

Rights and responsibilities | Employment New Zealand

Your employer must pay all costs and fees inside and outside New Zealand for your recruitment. You may have to pay the visa application fee, immigration agent costs if any, and airfares.

Give you settlement support

Your employer must provide support for your stay in New Zealand to do the job you have been hired for.

They must give you work-related settlement information within one month of you starting your job, including:

  • how to get an Inland Revenue (IRD) number
  • relevant industry training and qualification information and options
  • specific job or industry hazards
  • accommodation options
  • transport options
  • cost of living
  • how to access healthcare services
  • Citizens Advice Bureau services
  • information about relevant community groups like religious or migrant groups.

Let you complete employee learning modules

Your employer must give you time to complete all of Employment New Zealand's most recent online employee modules on employment rights during paid work hours, within one month of your employment starting.

Your employer must keep records of all of the modules being completed.

Online employment learning modules | Employment Law

If you are concerned about your treatment

You can complain about your treatment in the New Zealand workplace and it will not affect your visa. We want you to tell us about anything you feel is unfair or unsafe at your workplace.

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