Information about Parent Resident Visa

You can apply to live in New Zealand permanently if you have a child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident. They must earn enough money and agree to sponsor you.



2500 each year

All conditions

With this visa you can

  • Live, work and study in New Zealand.
  • Include your partner in your residence application.

Things to note

The application process

Stage 1

1 You send us your expression of interest

You must complete and send us a ‘Parent Category Expression of Interest Form’ together with your application fee.


2 We invite you to apply for residence

If we select your EOI, we may invite you to apply for residence.

Stage 2

3 You send us your residence application

You must complete and send us a 'Parent Category Residence Application form' and your sponsors must complete and sign a 'Sponsorship Form for Residence'.


4 We make a decision about your application

If there is anything else you need to do, we will be in touch.

Check that you meet the detailed criteria.

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