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Using a Licensed Immigration Adviser

People providing New Zealand immigration advice (whether they are in or outside of New Zealand) must be licensed, unless they are exempt from licensing. 

People exempt from licensing

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will not accept applications from unlicensed advisers. If you are receiving advice from an immigration adviser about an application (or possible application) for a visa, you should check whether they are licensed.  

Search for a Licensed Immigration Adviser

If your adviser is not licensed or exempt, and your application has not yet been sent to INZ, you can request the adviser stops work on your application and returns your documents to you. 

You can then proceed with your application yourself or transfer it to a Licensed Immigration Adviser registered with the Immigration Advisers Authority, or to an adviser who is exempt from licensing.

INZ is not liable for any costs you incur through the use of an unlicensed adviser and will not adjudicate in disputes involving payments made to unlicensed advisers. 

It is therefore recommended that you do not make advance payments to an adviser who is not listed as licensed, unless you can ascertain that they are exempt from licensing.  

More information is available on the Immigration Advisers Authority website.

Immigration Advisers Authority website