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How can I report someone to immigration authorities?

To report an overstayer or someone breaching their visa conditions (working without a visa, providing fraudulent information to immigration, and so on), please complete and submit our online query form with as much information as possible about the person you wish to report. If you have access to their name, date of birth, country of origin, passport and/or client number/s, address, personal description, and so on, it is hugely helpful to our investigators.

An anonymous report will then be forwarded to the Compliance Operations team, if we can locate the file of the person you are reporting through the information you have provided.

We take these reports very seriously and appreciate your information.

Report an offence

Terminating enrolment for a student

If you want to advise Immigration New Zealand that a student previously enrolled with your education institute/provider has now had their enrolment terminated, you should complete and submit an online Termination of Enrolment form. Please select the form for your particular region from the list, and we will process it accordingly.

Student enrolment termination