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I have been Invited to Apply for residence. What now?

Congratulations on your invitation!

You are now required to make a formal residence application, and have four months to gather and submit the documentation supporting the points you have claimed in your Expression of Interest. You should have received an application guide with your invitation pack that will assist you in this process.

Application for Residence Guide - Skilled Migrant Category (1105)

Once we have received your application, your immigration officer will continue to process it, and will contact you directly if they require further information.

The processing times will vary depending on your particular case and the branch where your residence is being processed. Any decisions will be communicated to you in writing.

The most current information on processing times is available online.

How long it takes to process a visa application

I won't be able to submit my application within 4 months. What do I do?

Unfortunately, no extensions can be made to the 4 month deadline given to apply for residence (your 'Invitation to Apply').

You will need to endeavour to submit your completed residence visa application within the timeframe given.

My temporary visa will expire before my residence application is decided. Is this a problem?

You must remain on a valid temporary visa throughout the processing time of your residence application. If your temporary entry class visa expires while in New Zealand, the processing of your residence application must be suspended under Section 169 (3) of the Immigration Act 2009.

Section 169 (3)

What type of temporary visa should I apply for?

This depends on your personal situation, if you wish to continue working in New Zealand you should apply for a new work visa, if you wish to study you should apply for a student visa.

Explore work visa options

Explore student visa options

Applications for Essential Skills work visas where an applicant is awaiting a Skilled Migrant Category decision.

You may be granted an Essential Skills work visa, valid for 12 months, without the usual requirement for evidence showing that New Zealand citizens or residents are not available to do the work offered, if:

  • you currently hold a temporary work visa; and
  • you have applied for an Essential Skills work visa to continue working in that role; and
  • you meet all other requirements of Essential Skills work visa instructions; and
  • you have been issued an Invitation to Apply under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) and retain the ability to apply ,or have made an application for residence under the SMC and that application has not yet been completed; and
  • your Expression of Interest was selected in part on the basis of points claimed for skilled employment in the role you currently hold. 

Essential Skills Work Visa