Student visa information

There are many different visas that a student could study on. Some allow longer study durations than others.

Student visa information sheet

We have created information sheets for international students to use when preparing their student visa application. Applicants should use the appropriate information sheet to make sure they provide the right documents and evidence to support their student visa application.

Student visa application information sheet – first-time international students PDF 527KB

Student visa application information sheet – continuing international students PDF 461KB

Student visas

You can check our student visa pages to find detailed information about a particular visa, including the criteria that applicants need to meet and the conditions that apply to that visa.

How to find student visas

You can find a visa directly from the ‘Search for a visa by name’ search field found in the footer on each page.

Simply start to type a visa name or key word such as 'student' and after 4 letters a list of visas that match your search will appear. You can then select the visa you would like to view.

All student visas

You can also find all visas that allow you to study by using our list of visas that allow you study in New Zealand.

Visas that allow you to study in New Zealand

Filters to customise information

The information shown in each visa page can be customised to show country-specific information and tips.