How much visa applications cost and when to pay

Most visas, for most countries, come with an associated application fee. The cost will depend on the type of visa you’re applying for.

Your country of citizenship and where you are now will also affect the cost. You can use our fee finder or fees guide to find out how much your visa application will cost.

Fees, decision times & where to apply

Fees Guide (INZ 1028) PDF 272KB

Your fee goes towards the costs of deciding your visa application. We don’t refund the fee, even if we decline your application.

When you apply for some residence and temporary visas we’ll also ask you to pay an Immigration Levy. The levy helps us to pay the costs of settling in new immigrants and is charged per application, unless the application is for a group visitor visa, in which case the levy is charged per person.

Fee waivers

­New Zealand has agreements with some countries to waive the visa application fees for certain countries. Use our fee finder tool to see if a fee waiver applies to you.

Fees, decision times & where to apply