Sending your passport

If you’ve applied for a visa online, you may need to send us your passport so we can verify your identity.

We’ll tell you once you’ve submitted your online visa application if you need to send us your passport.

Some Immigration Online applicants may not need to send their passports

If you apply for your visa using Immigration Online, you may not need to send in your passport if:

  • You’re already in New Zealand
  • You’re outside New Zealand and are from a visa waiver country  or China.

For all other people, we need your passport to confirm your identity. We’ll confirm this in an email after your application has been submitted. We’ll also tell you on the acknowledgement page when you complete your online application.

If you are unsure if you need to send your passport, check the final page of your completed visa application. This will be saved in your Immigration Online account.

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Even if you are eligible for a passport-free application process, we may need to see your passport to confirm your identity. If we need to see your passport, we will contact you.

Working Holiday and Silver Fern visas

If you need to send your passport, we’ll send you an email after the application has been submitted.

Where to send your passport

If we tell you to send us your passport, you should send it to your nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC). If you are applying outside New Zealand, we must receive your passport within 20 days.

It is important you send us your passport promptly. If we do not receive your passport within the specified timeframe, your application may be delayed or declined. You will not receive a refund of your fee. 

Find your nearest VAC 


Some people shouldn’t send their passport directly to the VAC. We will contact you with instructions on how to send us your passport if you are from one of the following countries and applying from that country.

  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

Passport handling fee

There may be a fee if you are required to send your passport to a VAC. You can find the handling fee on the website of your nearest VAC.

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