File formats for uploading documents and photographs

All documents you upload must be PDFs and all images must be JPEG.

Documents must be in PDF format

All documents you upload must be in a PDF format and as a single file. For example, if your bank statement is 4 pages, it must be uploaded as a single file and not 4 separate files.

To merge pages you can paste documents into a Microsoft Word document and save it as a PDF, or use an online PDF merging tool.


Password protected or compressed files will be rejected by Immigration Online.

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Document size

Documents must not be larger than 10MB each.

Photographs must be in JPG format

You need to upload a photo of yourself showing a full-front view of your face as part of your application. Visa photos have specific requirements such as no smiling and no hair covering your face.

Face image

You are required to upload a photo showing a full-front view of your face as part of the application.

Acceptable visa photos

If you need to convert your photo to the JPG/JPEG format before you upload it, read the instructions on the wikiHow website.

Converting pictures to JPG/JPEG |