Experiences of daily life of refugees in New Zealand

We have provided a series of videos where refugees talk about their experiences when they first arrived in New Zealand.


There are lessons that refugees have learnt by involving themselves with their children’s education.

Video: Education

English language

Refugees who settled here some time ago, encourage newcomers to enrol in English courses.

Video: English language

Gender equality

In New Zealand, women and men have equal rights.

Video: Gender equality


Publicly funded health and disability services in are available to refugees in New Zealand

Video: Health


Two contrasting refugees’ experiences with housing in New Zealand.

Video: Housing


Interpreters can be very helpful for new refugees, especially in their first year after arrival.

Video: Interpreters

The first six weeks at Mangere

All refugees stay at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre when they arrive, to learn about life in New Zealand.

Video: First six weeks

Moving to New Zealand

Refugees remember what it was like when they first arrived in New Zealand, how they felt and how they feel now - years later.

Video: Moving to New Zealand

Permanent Residence

Advice about seeking help when applying for Permanent Residence.

Video: Permanent Residence


Taking courses on positive parenting helps refugees understand how New Zealanders bring up their children and what laws cover child-raising.

Video: Parenting

Sponsoring families

It can take hard work and effort to sponsor family members into New Zealand.

Video: Sponsoring families


New Zealand’s weather is temperate and changeable and many refugees have mixed feelings about it.

Video: Weather


Advice and experiences on finding work in New Zealand.

Video: Work