Process to become a sponsor

If an individual or organisation wants to sponsor you, they must meet our criteria for an acceptable sponsor and provide evidence by completing a sponsorship form.

What your sponsor must do

Your sponsor must provide information to us either online or using a paper form, depending on what type of visa you are applying for.

Visitor visas

Your sponsor must complete an online form showing they are an acceptable sponsor.

Skip to the 'Other visas or applying on paper' section if you are applying for:

  • a partnership-based Visitor Visa
  • a Visitor Visa on paper, or
  • a Group Visitor Visa.
Sharing ID

Your sponsor must give you their sharing ID before you can complete your application.

They need to:

  • log into Immigration Online using a RealMe account
  • give you the Sharing ID in their Immigration Online dashboard, and
  • confirm their email address.

How to create a RealMe account

Log into Immigration Online

 Screen shot of Immigration Online showing a user's sharing ID.

You need to:

  • log into Immigration Online using your RealMe account, and
  • complete your online application for a Visitor Visa.

You will be asked at the ‘Supporting documents’ section to enter your sponsor's sharing ID, as well as their name and email address. Make sure these details are correct as we will email your sponsor to ask them to complete a sponsorship form online.

 Screenshot of immigration online showing the 'supporting documents' section. The user is being asked to input their sponsor's name, email address and sharing ID.

After you have applied for your visa we will email your sponsor and tell them to log into the system and complete the form.

We use the information in this form to decide if your sponsor can meet their responsibilities for you while you are in New Zealand.

What sponsors must do while a visa holder is in New Zealand

Other visas or applying on paper

Your sponsor needs to complete the Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025) if you are:

  • applying for a Group Visitor Visa
  • applying for a partnership-based Visitor Visa
  • applying for another type of visa, or
  • applying for a visa on paper.

If you are applying online you need to scan and upload the sponsorship form on the 'upload documents' page of the online portal. If you are applying on paper you need to include the sponsorship form with your application when you post it to us.

Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025) PDF 414KB

Sponsorship Form for Residence (INZ 1024)

If your sponsor gets someone to complete the form on their behalf, they will need to complete a Sponsor and Supporting Partner Declaration form.

Sponsor or Supporting Partner Declaration Form (INZ 1256) PDF 244KB