Translating supporting documents into English

Providing certified English translations of your key supporting documents means we can avoid delays and process your application more quickly.

Residence applications

If you are applying for a residence visa you must provide English language translations for all supporting documents.

Temporary entry applications

If you are applying for a temporary entry visa you must provide us with English translations of all medical and police certificates.

To ensure your visa is processed as quickly as possible you should also provide us with English translations of all other key supporting documents — as well as the original or certified copies of those documents.

Translating your documents

We accept translations carried out by:

  • the Translation Service of the Department of Internal Affairs (New Zealand), or
  • reputable people within the community who are known to translate documents accurately (but not applicants themselves, their immediate family or the applicant’s licensed immigration advisor), or
  • embassies or high commissions (if the translation is endorsed with the appropriate embassy or high commission seal), or
  • any other private or official translation business.

We will also accept translations from a licensed immigration adviser who is:

  • a trustworthy person within the community, and
  • known to translate documents accurately, and
  • not assisting as an advisor on the application.

You must pay for the translation. It must be certified as a correct translation made by an experienced translator.

Each translation must have the stamp or signature of the translator or translation business, and, if possible, be on the translation business’s official letterhead.

INZ will not translate documents on behalf of applicants.

Providing original documents

You are still required to send us the originals or certified copies of your supporting documents, along with the English translation.

For temporary entry visas, if you do not provide English translations for your supporting documents your application could be delayed as we may ask you for certified English translations. If you do not meet the deadline for these translations we may decline your application.

Mandatory English translations

We are currently considering making English translations mandatory for all supporting information. We will provide more information when we make a decision.