Acceptable visa photos

When you send us a visa photo, we need to be able to identify you clearly. We can only use your visa photo if it is recent (less than six months old) and meets all of our technical requirements. If your photo does not meet all of our requirements we will need to ask you for a new photo. We will not be able to process your visa application until we receive an acceptable photo.

Professional photography

Your photos are more likely to be accepted if you use a professional photographer or business that takes passport photos. Whilst it is not a requirement, we recommend that you take the attached instructions to a professional for the best results.

Instructions to take to a professional photographer PDF 453KB

Paper applications

Paper application photos need to be 35mm wide and 45mm high. Further instruction can be found on the paper application forms.

Online applications

All online application visa photos must meet the following file size requirements:

  • the photo file size needs to be between 500KB and 3MB
  • the photo must have dimensions between 900 x 1200 pixels wide and 2250 x 3000 pixels high (in a 3:4 aspect ratio)
  • if your photo does not meet these file size requirements, it is likely to be rejected and delay the submission of your application.

Your photo must be:

Be in portrait (not landscape)


Be of you (not a photo of a captured image or your travel document)


Have even lighting with minimal shadowing


Be in colour, showing natural skin tones


Be in focus (not blurry)


Not contain red-eye


Be an original photo (not changed by photo-editing software)


Not be a selfie


Be taken 1.5 metres from the face


Be taken against a plain, light-coloured (but not white) background with no patterns or objects


Only contain plain clothing patterns


Be of one person


We need a clear shot of your face, so make sure you:

Face the camera and keep your head straight


Keep your eyes open and mouth closed


Do not smile or frown


Show your face clearly and that long hair is tucked behind your ears


Are positioned in the middle of the photo


Remove sunglasses and hats


If you wear prescription glasses:

Make sure your eyes show clearly through the lenses, with no reflected light

It may be easier to remove them.


If you wear a head covering:

You may wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons. Make sure that your face and hairline can be seen clearly in the photo.