About this visa Entrepreneur Resident Visa

This visa is for people who have been self-employed in New Zealand at least 6 months, or have operated a business for two years on another visa that allows self-employment.



All Visa Conditions

With this visa you can

  • Continue to operate your own business in New Zealand.
  • Live, work and study in New Zealand.
  • Include your partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under, in your visa application.

Things to note

  • If you apply after less than 2 years of being self-employed, you'll need to have an Entrepreneur Work Visa, have invested capital of at least NZ $500,000 and have created 3 new jobs in New Zealand.

The application process

Stage 1

1 You apply for residence

Once you’ve been working in your own business in New Zealand for 6 months, you can apply for residence.

If you've invested less than NZ $500,000 or created less than 3 new jobs, you'll need to wait 2 years before you can apply.

You’ll need to complete the ‘Entrepreneur Residence Visa Application’ and send it to us with your application fee, immigration levy and the supporting documents listed in the application’s checklist.

Use our ‘Office and fees finder’ to check how much to pay and where to send your application.


2 We assess your application

If we need any more information to assess your application, we'll be in touch.



3 You send us the information we ask for

When we write to you to explain what information you need to provide, we’ll give you a date we need that information by.  You must return your information by the due date.


4 We make a decision about your resident visa application

Resident visa applications can take several months to process.

If you've been self-employed for less than 2 years, there will be conditions that you’ll need to meet, like continuing to work for yourself in your own business, maintaining your capital investment and a minimum number of new jobs your business has created.

Please check that you meet the detailed criteria before you apply for a visa or travel to New Zealand

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