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Dependent children

You can include dependent children in your visa application if they meet our requirements, or they can apply for a visa based on their relationship to you.

How your children apply for a visa

There are 2 ways that children apply for a visa.

  1. If your children are dependent, you can include them in your visa application.
  2. If your children are not dependent, they can apply for their own visas based on their relationship to you if you:
    • already have a visa
    • are applying for a visa, or
    • are a New Zealand citizen.

Dependent children are not eligible for work visas.

How we define dependent children

Dependent children are:

We also have rules about their age. How old they can be depends on whether you are applying for:

Resident visas for dependent children

Your child is dependent if they are:

Temporary visas for dependent children

Primary or secondary student visas and visitor visas

Your child is dependent if they are:

If your children are 20 or older:

If they want to join you in New Zealand they need to apply for their own visa.

Tertiary student visas

If you are eligible for the 2021 Resident Visa, your child may be able to study as a dependent child at tertiary level if they:

For more information about requirements and how to apply:

Dependent Child Tertiary Student Visa