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Preparing your business plan

If you are applying for an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you need to provide a detailed business plan that meets our requirements.

What your business plan must include

Your business plan must include information about the business you will operate in New Zealand.

Business information

Business information must include:

Occupational registration

Entrepreneur Work policy objective

The Entrepreneur Work policy objective is to contribute to economic growth by helping experienced business people grow or establish high-growth and innovative businesses that have export potential.

Financial information

You must include financial information, including:

Optional business track record and character information

In your visa application you must include information about your business track record and character, including details of any:

You can also include this information in your business plan.

Supporting evidence for your business plan

You must also include evidence that:

Points Scale for Entrepreneur Work Visa

If you are buying an existing business

If you are buying an existing business, your business plan must also include:

Our Entrepreneur Work Visa Guide has information about how to set out your business plan.

Entrepreneur Work Visa Guide (INZ 1221) PDF 284KB