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Transferring your eVisa or visa label to a new passport

If you have a new passport (because your old passport expired, was lost, stolen, damaged or your name has changed), you will need to transfer your visa to your new passport so you can continue to travel to and from New Zealand.

This applies regardless of whether you had an eVisa or a visa label in your old passport.


eVisas are issued for all visas because visa labels are no longer required. Instead of receiving a visa label in your passport you will get an eVisa letter containing your visa details. Your eVisa can be checked electronically by airlines, employers, education providers and other New Zealand Government agencies.

Applying for the balance of your visa

If your temporary visa was granted for a shorter length than requested because your passport was about to expire, you can apply for the balance of the visa to be transferred to your new passport.

Confirming your New Zealand immigration status

Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident currently living in New Zealand and you require evidence of your visa status, you can apply to get an eVisa or have a visa label placed in your passport.

If you travel outside New Zealand, your resident visa will expire and your eVisa or visa label will become invalid. If you return and you want evidence of your visa status, you will need to get a new eVisa or visa label in your passport.

If you do not want your visa to expire when you leave New Zealand, apply for a ‘variation of travel conditions’ using the Application from a Resident or Former Resident Visa Holder (INZ 1175) form.

Application from a Resident or Former Resident Visa Holder form (INZ 1175) PDF 358KB

Confirmation of residence status

If you were granted a residence permit under the Immigration Act 1987 or Immigration Act 1964 you can apply for confirmation of your residence status. If you no longer have your original passport with the original visa endorsement or other entry authority, you will need to provide evidence that you have lived in either New Zealand or Australia continuously since 2 April 1974.

Confirming immigration status for other resident visa holders

If you need to confirm your immigration status you can request your status from Immigration New Zealand:
Request my information

Requesting a visa label

If you have received an eVisa you can request a visa label in your passport. You will need to pay a fee and send us your passport.


There is no fee if you want an eVisa or a confirmation letter.

There is a fee if you require a visa label in your passport. You must pay after you submit this form.

If you want a visa label, check the application fee that you need to pay.

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Documents you will need

All documents you upload must be in a PDF, JPG or JPEG format and as a single file. Photographs, if required, must be in JPG or JPEG format.

You will need to upload a copy of your passport.

If you want a visa label, you will also need to send us your passport.

Other documents you may need

You may need to upload, if applicable:

  • a copy of marriage certificate, new birth certificate or other name change document
  • copy of previous passport
  • evidence from the Police, your Embassy or your High Commission that your passport was lost, stolen, or damaged
  • evidence of residency
  • evidence of your non-New Zealand citizenships
  • evidence that you have lived in New Zealand continuously since 2 April 1974 such as rates notices, driver's license, receipted power bills, income tax returns, school records or employment references.

Additional documents

You can upload 5 documents in this application form. If you need to provide more documents, you will be able to at a later date after submitting your application. We may request further information if needed.


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