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Use the filters to find a visa that matches your reasons for coming to New Zealand. You can also find information and tools to help you meet visa criteria.

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Preparing a visa application

We will ask you for a lot of supporting information in your visa application. Find out how to prepare the information we will ask for.

The application process

1 Gather documents

Preparing an application varies in complexity. For most visas you'll need to get all the evidence together before you submit your application.

2 Submit application

Many visas can be applied for online. Others need to be sent to us with the application forms, your passport and other supporting documents.

3 Wait for visa decision

We'll assess your application as soon as we can. We may ask you for more information if needed and will let you know about your visa as soon as it's decided.

4 Arrive in New Zealand

If you're not already in New Zealand you can now come to visit, invest, work, study or live permanently.