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Will my Expression of Interest (EOI) be selected?

After you have submitted your Expression of Interest it goes into a pool where it is ranked alongside other Expressions of Interest.

Every fortnight Expressions of Interest are selected in sufficient numbers to meet the New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP).

Currently we are selecting Expressions of Interest with 160 points or more.

If your situation changes while your Expression of Interest is in the pool, you are able to update your information.

For example, if your income from Skilled Employment has increased and is now more than twice the New Zealand median income, you can amend your EOI and claim bonus points, which will increse your points total and may improve your chances of being selected from the pool.

Tips for the Skilled Migrant Category process

  • Selection criteria may change so check the immigration website from time to time to see what the current selection criteria means for you.
  • It costs less and it speeds up the process if you lodge your Expression of Interest online.
  • Claiming points when you are uncertain of your eligibility for them may not give you a better chance of getting Invited to Apply for Residence. Unless you are eligible to claim those points, the assessment of your EOI may be delayed and result in it being resubmitted to the pool or even declined.
  • If you are Invited to Apply for residence, make sure that the documentation you submit with your application is complete – incomplete documentation causes delays in the processing time.