Options for Religious Workers

9 February 2023

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There are three categories specifically for religious workers, including temporary visas and a resident visa option.

Student and Trainee Work Visa for Religious Trainees

This category may be suitable for religious trainees who wish to undertake a formal religious training programme in New Zealand.

Student and Trainee Work Visa

Temporary work visa

The Religious Worker Work Visa is designed to enable religious communities to practise, maintain and advance their religious beliefs.

This work visa will be granted for a maximum of two years, renewable once (up to a total of four years). 

Religious Worker Work Visa

Resident visa

The Religious Worker Resident Visa will allow religious communities to practise, maintain, and advance their religious beliefs and meet their long term needs. A resident visa allows an indefinite stay in New Zealand. Following the grant of a Religious Worker Resident Visa the religious worker must continue in their religious role for the sponsoring organisation for five years.

Religious Worker Resident Visa