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What are travel conditions?

Travel conditions allow a visa holder to travel to New Zealand or return to New Zealand if they are already here.

There are two kinds of travel conditions:

  • Single entry travel conditions allow a visa holder to travel to New Zealand once only
  • Multiple entry travel conditions allow a visa holder to travel and return unlimited times during the validity of the visa

If you leave New Zealand after your travel conditions have expired, your visa will expire as well.

Resident visa holders

Your resident visa will be issued with travel conditions that are valid for two years (or five or ten years if granted under the parent category) from your first day in New Zealand as a resident. 

After the travel conditions have expired, you will need to apply for either a variation of travel conditions or (if you qualify) for a permanent resident visa. If you hold a resident visa but leave New Zealand after your travel conditions have expired, your resident visa will also expire.  

Variation of resident visa travel conditions

Resident to permanent resident

Visitor, student or work visa holders

Most student and work visas are automatically issued with multiple entry travel conditions that will be valid for the duration of your visa. If you are granted a work or student visa, you will usually be able to travel in and out of New Zealand multiple times for the duration of that visa.

In the case of visitors, a multiple journey visa with travel conditions can be specifically requested when you apply. You can give reasons for why this is required. Your immigration officer will consider your request during the visa application process.

If you already hold a visitor, work or student visa and you need to change your travel conditions, you can apply for a variation of travel conditions through your nearest Immigration New Zealand office or Visa Application Centre.

Varying the conditions of a temporary visa