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I applied for another visa, but my current one is about to expire. What can I do?

An Interim visa may be granted to you to maintain your lawful status in New Zealand, if you hold a valid temporary visa (work, student or visitor visa) and you have applied for a further temporary visa (work, student or visitor visa).

An Interim visa will not be granted where a person holds a valid temporary visa and has only applied for a Resident visa. 

How can I get an Interim visa?

If you hold a temporary visa and have applied for another temporary visa (of certain types), we will make an assessment for an Interim visa shortly before the expiry of your current visa. In most cases an Interim visa will be granted automatically by electronic means, and there is no fee and no visa label. 

People who are granted Interim visas will be notified by email or by letter one week before their current visa expires.

Your Interim visa will expire:

  • when we approve your application and grant you a visa; or
  • 21 days after your application is declined or withdrawn; or
  • after 6 months, if no decision has been made in 6 months

Can I work/study while on an Interim visa?

Whether you can work or study is shown by the conditions of the Interim visa. These conditions depend on the visa you held previously, and the type and conditions of the visa you applied for.

Interim visa conditions

I have more questions about Interim visas

You can find more information about Interim visas on our Interim visa page.

Information about Interim visas