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Can I choose between a permanent resident visa and a citizen endorsement?

If you are a New Zealand citizen and wish to travel to New Zealand on your foreign passport, you must apply for a citizen endorsement to be able to do so.

You are not able to travel to New Zealand based on holding a resident visa or permanent resident visa if you now hold New Zealand citizenship. This is because New Zealand citizens cannot hold visas.

Information on the New Zealand citizen endorsement is available on our website:

I’m a New Zealand citizen but travel on my foreign passport

You can otherwise consult with Uruwhenua Aotearoa - New Zealand passports - for information on obtaining a New Zealand passport.

Te Mata Uruwhenua - Identity and Passports

The only acceptable evidence of New Zealand citizenship on arrival to New Zealand is:

  1. a current New Zealand passport; or
  2. a valid citizen endorsement in your foreign passport.

A New Zealand citizenship certificate or New Zealand birth certificate (prior to 2006) will not be acceptable.