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Biometric data for United Kingdom visas

UK Visas and Immigration collect biometric data from visa applicants who intend to travel to the United Kingdom.

All United Kingdom visa applicants are now required to provide finger scans and a full-face digital photograph as part of the application process.

Immigration New Zealand acts as a collection agent for biometric data on behalf of UK Visas and Immigration (formerly United Kingdom Border Agency).

Immigration New Zealand is simply acting as a collection agent and has no involvement in the United Kingdom entry clearance process. We do not use or copy the information collected.

Further information is available at the UK Visas and Immigration website. You can also reach them by phone or email. 

UK Visas and Immigration

Complaints about the service should be directed to the UK Visas and Immigration complaints procedure.

Complaints procedure

COVID-19 response: suspension of some biometric collection services

COVID 19 response: resumption of biometric collection services during Alert Level 2

The collection of biometric collection services on behalf of the United Kingdom will resume on Wednesday 15 September from our offices in Christchurch and Porirua.

Please note: biometric collection services offered by our office in Manukau remain suspended under Alert Level 4.

The following Alert Level 2 (Delta) protocols will be in place in Christchurch and Porirua offices while operating under Alert Level 2 and all UK biometric customers will be required to:

  • Complete the contact tracing register on entering the MBIE site
  • Answer questions about your health that day and whether you are exhibiting any COVID symptoms
  • Scan the QR code
  • Wear a mask at all times while on MBIE premises.
  • Use hand sanitiser before/during/after the appointment
  • Only bring one support person to the appointment (if required)
  • Follow all onsite instructions and obey all signage and verbal instructions during the visit

If you are exhibiting any known COVID symptoms (cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing/runny nose, temporary loss of smell), please do not come to the office.

Please contact UK Visas and Immigration if you have any queries about your appointment.

UK Visas and Immigration