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Biometric data for United Kingdom visas

United Kingdom Visas and Immigration office collects Biometric Data from visa applicants who intend travelling to the United Kingdom.

All United Kingdom visa applicants are now required to provide finger scans and a full-face digital photograph as part of the application process.

Immigration New Zealand acts as a collection agent for biometric data on behalf of United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (formerly United Kingdom Border Agency).

Immigration New Zealand is simply acting as a collection agent, and has no involvement in the United Kingdom entry clearance process. We do not use or copy the information collected on their behalf.

Process for collection of Biometric Data

  1. In order to have your biometric data collected, you must have started the on line United Kingdom visa application process.
  2. The appointment details will be provided upon completion of the visa application.
  3. You will be required to select the appropriate date and collection centre as part of the visa application process.

United Kingdom Visa online application process

When you make an appointment you will be advised of the address of where to go.

Can I get United Kingdom immigration advice at the Biometric Centres?

Immigration New Zealand cannot provide general advice on United Kingdom Visa applications, nor can they comment on individual applications.

 All such enquiries should be directed to the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration.

By phone:   00 44 203 481 1736
                   Monday to Friday, 24 hours
                   Calls cost £1.37 per minute on top of your standard network charges.

By email:    Email UK Visas and Immigration.
Emails enquiries cost £5.48. You won’t be charged for any follow-up emails about the same enquiry.
You’ll get a reply to your email within 2 days, except on Saturdays, Sundays and United Kingdom public holidays.

How do I cancel or re-schedule my appointment?

Applicants are expected to book and manage the appointments themselves through the online application process.

United Kingdom Visa online application process
If you have missed your appointment, you should contact the Home Office in the United Kingdom by phone or email for assistance. 

Home Office United Kingdom