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I hold two passports. Which one should I travel on?

If you hold two passports, you must travel on the same passport in both directions of travel so that your immigration records are correctly updated at both points of departure and arrival. For example, if you are entering New Zealand on an Australian passport, you need to show that same passport when leaving New Zealand and entering your country of destination.

If I decide to use just one passport, does it matter which one I choose?

Your eligibility for entry to New Zealand will be assessed based on the valid passport you show to the border/customs officers. So, if you want to take advantage of a visa waiver agreement to enter New Zealand on an NZeTA (i.e without a visa), then you should use the passport that is from a country on the visa waiver list.

List of visa waiver countries

In the example above (entering New Zealand on an Australian passport), you would be assessed as a citizen of Australia, regardless of any other citizenships you may be holding, because you are travelling on an Australian passport.

This particularly concerns New Zealand citizens travelling on different passports. To be considered a New Zealand citizen when you enter New Zealand you must enter on a valid New Zealand passport or have a New Zealand Citizen Endorsement in your foreign passport.

New Zealand Citizen Endorsement