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Extending a work visa

If you wish to work longer than your work visa allows, you will need to apply for a further work visa before your current one expires.

The application process is generally the same as applying for a first work visa. The application is not to 'extend' your existing visa; instead the application is for a new work visa.

This means that you will need to demonstrate you meet all of the requirements of the policy you are applying under.

Information on work visa options and how to apply is available on our website.

Work in New Zealand

How can I get a work visa?

Since you have now spent some time in New Zealand, you may need to demonstrate that you meet health and character requirements. This applies especially if you have not provided a full medical and chest X-ray certificate in the past 36 months or a police certificate in the past 24 months.

Who needs an x-ray or medical examination

Who needs to provide police certificates

A special set of instructions may apply to you if you are applying for an Essential Skills work visa while awaiting a decision on your Skilled Migrant Category resident visa application. For more information on this, read our article on Invitations to Apply.

I have been Invited to Apply for residence. What now?

What about my partner and/or children?

If your family joined you in New Zealand and they wish to remain here longer, they should also make sure they continue to hold valid visas.

Explore family visa options